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Weather Proverbs:
  1. Red skies at night, sailors delight.
  2. Red sky in the morning, sailors take warning.
  3. When the clouds look like horsetails, rain or snow will come in 3 days.
  4. When your bone joint hurt a storm is coming.
  5. When the wind howls around corners and cracks, and down chimneys rain is coming.
  6. When the glass (air pressure) is low on a ship, the sailors get ready for a storm.
  7. A ring around the sun or moon means a storm is coming. Count the stars within the ring and rain will come in that many days.
  8. When you see 'sun dogs' (a bright spot on either side of the sun) look for rain.
  9. Rain in three days when the horns of the moon point down.
  10. Rain before seven quits before eleven.
  11. If it rains on Easter Sunday, it will rain every Sunday for 7 weeks.
  12. It will rain the same time the next day if the sun shines while it rains.
  13. If the groundhog sees its shadow on February 2nd, there will be 6 more weeks of winter.
  14. When squirrels lay in a big store of nuts, look for a hard winter.
  15. Three days of heavy morning fog, watch for bad weather in 90 days.
  16. Lightning never strikes the same place twice.
  17. When bees stay close to the hive, rain is close by.
  18. When the forest murmurs and the mountains roar, close your windows and shut the doors.
  19. Moss dry, sunny sky, moss wet, rain you'll get.
  20. Count the cricket chirps to tell the temperature.
  21. Count the seconds between lightning flashes and thunder booms to tell how far away the storm is.
  22. When smoke descends, good weather ends.
  23. Horse (cows) tails in the west – the weather is the best! Horse (cows) tails in the east is weather coming at the least.
  24. Rain is on its way if people with curly hair find it curlier and people with straight hair find it straighter.
  25. Before a rain storm:
    • Cats will clean themselves more and meow more,
    • Cow and sheep will huddle together seeking comfort,
    • Horses "switch and twitch" and sometimes bolt,
    • Insects fly lower and bite more, and
    • Birds chirp louder.
  26. Flies will swarm before a storm.
  27. When a rain storm is coming:
    • dandelions close their blooms tightly,
    • morning glories tuck in their blooms as if ready for a long nap,
    • clover folds up its leaves,
    • leaves on many trees rollup or show their underside,
  28. When leaves show their underside, be sure that rain betide.
  29. No dew at night, rain by morning. No dew at morning, rain by next day.
  30. April showers bring May flowers.
  31. March comes in like a lamb and goes out like a lion. (Or March comes in like a lion and goes out like a lamb.
  32. Ring around the sun, time for fun. Ring around the moon, storm coming soon.
  33. Snow like cotton, soon forgotten. Snow like meal, will give a great deal.
  34. Evening red and morning gray, send a traveler on his way. Evening gray and morning red, brings the rain upon his head.
  35. The sky is red, the devil is dead, it's going to be good tomorrow.
  36. Ice in November to bury a duck, the rest of the winter is slush and muck.
  37. Cold is the night when the stars shine bright.

  38. Catchy drawer and sticky door,
    Coming rain will pour and pour.

  39. When the wind blows from the west, fish bite best.
    When it blows from the east, fish bite least.

  40. When clouds appear like rocks and towers,
    The Earth's refreshed by frequent showers.

  41. If corn husks are thicker than usual, a cold winter is ahead.
  42. The higher the clouds, the better the weather.
  43. When ants trave in a straight line, expect rain; when they scatter, expect fair weather.
  44. Crickets are accurate thermometers; they chirp faster when warm and slower when cold.
  45. If the first week in August is unusually warm, the winter will be white and long.
  46. When spiders build new webs, the weather will be clear.
  47. Never plant crops on a Sunday, they will fail if you do.
  48. For every foggy morning in August, it will snow that many days that following winter.
  49. Large numbers of birds sitting on telephone wires foretells rain.

  50. When geese walk north, rains comes forth.

  51. Cattle graze in low lands for a storm and on high ground for clear weather.